Easier than 1-2-3

{Published (22 October 2014) PR 22 Oct 14 The Chairman of the National Australia Bank (NAB), Mr Michael Chaney AO, and other NAB Board Members have been recently provided with copies of genuine Deeds of an occupational pension fund established in South Australia on 23 December 1913 {Refer below}. This fund was once known as The Provident Fund. The genuine Deeds have until recently been criminally concealed from the members and beneficiaries of this fund by a Victorian resident purported “Trustee” and were only obtained with the assistance of the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General of South Australia, the Hon John Rau MP, and the Attorney-General’s Department. Once in possession of some of the Deeds that have been criminally concealed from the cestuis que trust (ie members and beneficiaries) the fraudulent Breach of Trust is remarkably easy to prove. One does not even need to count to three. It is only necessary to count the number of Directors’ signatures that appear on a document signed by a convicted felon – Mr Ken Jarrett. The signatures of only one Director appears on this purported Deed of Variation instead of at least NINE as required by the amending power provided by Sir John Downer in the founding Trust Deed made on 23 December 1913. The fraud is therefore proven. But the question is how much longer can ASIC continue with its attempt to cover-up a fraud that is so easy to prove? ASIC’s commitment as an agency subject to “Regulatory Capture” to protect “white collar criminals” can only go so far. The Parliamentary Joint Committee for Corporations and Financial Services are being kept informed of ASIC’s ongoing attempt to cover-up two major frauds related to The Provident Fund (aka Elders IXL Superannuation Fund) and the Elders-GM Women’s Provident Fund. Every adult Australian who is forced to contribute 9.5% of their earnings into a COMPULSORY Superannuation System should be alarmed at just how easy it is to steal large amounts from superannuation funds and how Australian Public Servants then seek to protect the perpetrators and to prevent victims from obtaining compensation promised by the Government. There are a number of “loop holes” in the law related to superannuation that are exploited by dishonest Trustees and Public Servants alike.