Class Action

Former staff employees of Elders IXL Limited (renamed Foster’s Brewing Group Ltd and Foster’s Group Ltd and subsidiary companies) including Carlton and United Breweries Ltd (CUB) who entered into a contract of employment before 1 December 1997 can register for the class action as can the widows of these former employees.

Staff employees either joined or were transferred to the Elders IXL Superannuation Fund, which was renamed the Foster’s Brewing Group Superannuation Fund, the Foster’s Group Superannuation Fund and the AusBev Superannuation Fund.

A pre-emptive cost order will be sought to prevent exposure to any adverse cost order.

A pre-emptive cost order will avoid the need for a litigation funder to cover any potential adverse cost order and the associated 30% claim on any award by the Court, which will reduce the award to claimants.

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This tab updated on 6 June 2015