Correspondence with Senator Dastyari

The following letter was sent to Senator Sam Dastyari, the Chair of the Economics Reference Committee, in relation to whether toxic business loans were markets by NAB in Australia.

Senator Dastyari 31 Mar 15

These are key questions that are important to both the Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee and the UK Treasury Select Committee.

  • (i) Are “Tailored Business Loans” a “sleeper issue” in Australia?
  • (ii) Did the Australian regulatory environment prevent these types of business loans being marketed in Australia?
  • (iii) Was there a regulatory vacuum in the UK that was exploited by NAB?
  • (iv) Is there evidence of any corrupt dealings between NAB and the former FSA that allowed NAB to “by-pass” any regulatory restrictions in the UK?
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    This tab updated on 31 March 2015