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Employees of Elders IXL Limited and subsidiary companies who were retrenched or retired after 1982 are entitled to compensation:These companies included:

  • – Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort Limited (Renamed Elders IXL Limited)
  • – Elders IXL Limited
  • – Foster’s Brewing Group Limited
  • – Foster’s Group Limited
  • – Elders Australia Limited
  • – Elders Limited
Members of the Superannuation Funds known as:
  • – the Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort Provident Fund
  • – the Elders IXL Superannuation Fund
  • – the Foster’s Brewing Group Superannuation Fund
  • – the Foster’s Group Superannuation Fund
  • – the AusBev Superannuation Fund
  • – the Elders Superannuation Fund

may have a substantial claim.


If you have have not already provided your contact details, then email your details as further described here.

Details of the  typical compensation entitlement of an employee who was retrenched after completing at least 15 years of service based on a survey of fund members can be found here.

If a former employee, who was in the service on or after 1 May 1980, has since died, the estate of that former employee may have a claim.

The Superannuation Fund is not a subsidiary of the Companies listed above.

The assets of the Fund are vested in the Trustees who must act independently of the Company  and must act strictly in accordance with the terms of the trust as lawfully amended from time to time.

A trust was declared in the State of South Australia on the 23 December 1913 and was originally known as The Provident and Guarantee Fund. The name of the fund has changed many times, however the ABN number of this Fund is 601 7167 9448.

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