The “Jarrett Deed”

{p}{Published on 26 November 2014}{/p}

Documents provided to the Australian Crime Commission.

ACC 26 November 2014 CEO

Evidence from the Parliament of SA to the ACC

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The “Jarrett Deed

The Chairman of ASIC, Mr Greg Medcraft, has claimed that Australia is a ‘Paradise’ for white-collar criminals – a statement he was forced to retract by the Acting Assistant Treasurer, Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann.

A white-collar criminal that should be well known to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) is Mr Ken Jarrett who is the former Finance Director of Elders IXL Limited.

Mr Jarrett and his associates were the subject of two major investigations by the former National Crime Authority (NCA) that was replaced by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC).

Mr Jarrett served a term of imprisonment for dishonest conduct in relation to one of these investigations.

A copy of a purported Deed of Variation dated 26 August 1986 that was executed by Ken Jarrett has been provided to the Australian Crime Commission.

This document purports to eliminate survivorship pensions for widows and to replace a life pension for the long serving employees of Elders IXL Limited with a token lump sum benefit.

To prove Australia’s Worst White-Collar Crime all that Mr Chris Dawson APM, the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission, has to do is count the number of Directors’ signatures that appear on the document executed by Mr Jarrett.

How simple is that!