Deed of Variation – 30 April 1973

Details of Deeds of Variation -30 April 1973

Execution of the Deed of Variation

The Directors of the sponsoring Employer who exercised the Power of Amendment were:

  • Bruce Roy MacKlin
  • Alfred Moxon Simpson
  • John Neil McEwin
  • Ewen McIntyre Waterman
  • Joseph Ian Norman Winter
  • Norman Smith Young
  • Harold Charles Schmidt

  • The natural person Trustees resident in the State of South Australia who assented to the proposed amendments to the terms of the trust were:

  • Alfred Moxon Simpson
  • John Neil McEwin
  • Bruce Roy MacKlin
  • Ivan Edward Crossing
  • Ronald William Gayler

  • Recitals

    The original Trust Deed is recited:

    “WHEREAS by a Deed dated the twenty third day of December one thousand nine hundred and thirteen (herinafter referred to as “the principal Deed:) …….”

    The name of the Fund is recited:

    …the name of the Fund has been changed to “The Provident Fund“”.

    WHEREAS by

    The consolidation Deed of Variation that repealed the previous Regulations is recited:

    “AND WHEREAS by Deed dated the 6th day of May 1958 the principal Deed was further varied and altered and the Regulations governing the Fund were consolidated and amended and the regulations governing the Fund were repealed and new Regulations were prescribed and such new Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”) are set forth in a schedule to the said last-mentioned Deed..”

    The Elder Smith & Co Limited Provident Funds Act 1963 (SA) is recited.

    The Power of Amendment {Regulation 50} is recited.

    Drafting Solicitors

    The drafting solicitors were:

    Assumed to be Finlayson & Co of Adelaide

    A copy of this Deed of Variation can be found on the following link:

    1973-04-30 – Deed of Variation

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