Consolidation Deed of Variation – 6 May 1958

Details of Deeds of Variation - 6 May 1958

The consolidation Deed of Variation repealed the existing Regulations and added a new set of Regulations.

Execution of the Deed of Variation

The Directors of the sponsoring Employer who exercised the Power of Amendment were:

  • Alexander John Melrose
  • Collier Robert Cudmore
  • Frederick Lloyd Dumas
  • Tom Elder Barr Smith
  • Ian Richard McTaggart
  • Alfred Moxon Simpson
  • Henry Norman Giles
  • Norman Smith Young

  • The natural person Trustees resident in the State of South Australia who assented to the proposed amendments to the terms of the trust were:

  • Alexander John Melrose
  • Frederick Lloyd Dumas
  • Tom Elder Barr Smith
  • Reginald Walter Seedsman
  • James Gordon Dobbs

  • Sir Frederick Lloyd Dumas was the second Chairman of the Advertiser Newspapers Limited, the publisher of The Advertiser in Adelaide.

    Sir Frederick Lloyd Dumas replaced James Frederick Downer as a Director and Trustee on his death.

    The drafting solicitors were:

    Finlayson, Phillips, Astley & Hayward of Adelaide

    A copy of this Deed of Variation can be found on the following link:

    1958 Consolidation Deed of Variation

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