Correspondence with MLC

Following the hearing before the Senate Economics Reference Committee on 6 March 2015, the following letter was sent to Mr Andrew Hagger, the CEO of MLC Ltd which is part of NAB Wealth.

MLC CEO 7 March 2015

Attached to this letter was a copy of a letter sent on 20 November 2014, to Ms Peggy O’Neal, seeking access to the original Trust Deed and valid Deeds of Variation of the occupational pension trust established on the 23 December 1913 in the State of South Australia.

20 November 2014 O’Neal Access to Deeds

Ms O’Neal has committed an indictable offence by failing to comply with subsection 1017C(5) of the Corporations Act 2001, and a Beach Notice should now be lodged with both ASIC and APRA.

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This tab updated on 21 March 2015