The Bernie Madoff Fraud Whistleblower

Major frauds are not just a legal matter, there is a compelling story behind every major fraud, and the attempt to cover-up the fraud.

In the case of the Bernard Maddoff Ponzi Scheme Fraud that story was told by the Whistleblower, Harry Markopolos, in his book “No One Would Listen – A True Financial Thriller”.

No One would listen

This is what Harry Markopolos, the Bernie Madoff Whistleblower, stated before the United States Congress’ House Financial Services Committee investigating the Madoff Fraud:

“Government has coddled, accepted, and ignored white-collar crime for too long,” he testified. “It is time the nation woke up and realized that it’s not the armed robbers or drug dealers who cause the most economic harm, it’s the white collar criminals living in the most expensive homes who have the most impressive resumes who harm us the most. They steal our pensions, bankrupt our companies, and destroy thousands of jobs, ruining countless lives”.

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