NAB Wealth’s Fraudulent Document

A document that is central to the dishonest conduct of NAB Wealth is a fraudulent document, a copy of which has been provided to the Australian Crime Commission.

A copy of this document can be downloaded from the ACC’s website here.

This document is a “cut and paste” document produced from several earlier fraudulent documents as illustrated in the following diagram.

Fraudulent Documents

The fraudulent source documents are:

  • a purported Deed of Variation dated 26 August 1986 that bears the signature of Ken Jarrett
  • a purported “Resolution” dated 26 October 1993
  • a purported “Resolution” dated 18 June 1998 that bears the signature of Geoffrey Cohen
  • A copy of “The Jarrett Deed” can be found as follows:

    Purported Deed of Variation 26 Aug 86

    The reasons that The Jarrett Deed is fraudulent can be found here.

    A copy of the “Resolution” dated 26 October 1993 can be found as follows:

    Resolution 26 Oct 1993

    A copy of “The Cohen Resolution” can be found as follows:

    The Cohen Resolution

    The two “Resolutions” are easily proven to be void and ineffective since the Power of Amendment {Regulation 50} requires a Deed to be used as the amending instrument and the two “Resolutions” are not described or executed as Deeds and have not been duty stamped as Deeds.

    The Jarrett Deed” and “The Cohen Resolution” should have put any banker or trustee on notice for further inquiry since Ken Jarrett was the subject of three major investigations by the former National Crime Authority and Geoffrey Cohen was one of the subjects of the HIH Royal Commission Report.

    Ken Jarrett served a term of imprisonment for dishonest conduct and Mr Cohen was banned by APRA and criminal charges were laid by ASIC.

    The NAB Wealth General Counsel had been advised of criminal conduct associated with the administration of this fund before the Trust Estate was transferred to the control of of the NAB Trustee.

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    This tab updated on 20 March 2015