ASIC – Covering Up the Fraud

{Published on 31 January 2015}

ASIC Officer Greg Hackett – The Jarret Question

Questions of Public Interest for ASIC Officer Greg Hackett

PR 31 Jan 2015

The Chairman of ASIC, Mr Greg Medcraft, has claimed that Australia is a ‘Paradise’ for white-collar criminals – a statement he was forced to retract by the Finance Minister and former Acting Assistant Treasurer, Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann.

However ASIC has been involved in the attempt to cover-up Australia’s Worst White-Collar Crime for the last five years.

The “Regulator” equivalent to ASIC in the United States, the SEC attempted to cover-up the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Fraud for nearly a decade, so attempted cover-ups by “Regulators” captive to the industry they regulate are nothing new.

Five years ago an ASIC Office misrepresent a document signed by the well known white-collar criminal Ken Jarrett as the “Trust Deed” of a regulated superannuation fund when the genuine Trust Deed was executed some seven decades earlier.

ASIC officer now has the opportunity to do what he should have done five years ago and that is to enforce disclosure of the genuine Trust Deed made on the 23 December 1913 in the State of South Australia.

This legal document has historical and well as legal significance.

The genuine Trust Deed was drafted by Sir John Downer who co-drafted the Australian Constitution.

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