Worst White-Collar Crime

This website has been established to assist in achieving just compensation for the victims of Australia’s Worst White-Collar Crime committed by well known white-collar criminals.

A “Victims’ Action Group” has been established similar to that established when Robert Maxwell and his sons raided the employees’ pension funds of the Mirror Newspaper Group in the United Kingdom.

The National Australian Bank (NAB) is now responsible for the payment of benefits. The NAB is now involved in major scandals both in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

A select committee of the UK Treasury has released a damning report on NAB‘s business practices in the UK and senior executives have just fronted the Senate Economics Reference Committee in Australia.

A similar action group NAB Customer Support Group has also been established in the United Kingdom for victims of the NAB‘s unethical lending practices.

More information on these unethical lending practices can also be found here Interest Rates Swap

Misconduct by the NAB is not an isolated event but it is a systemic and cultural issue, requiring further Government intervention and a Royal Commission.

This is what the former Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, had to say about superannuation.

“Compulsory superannuation is one of the biggest con jobs ever foisted by government on the Australian people…” Mr Abbott said on September 25, 1995.

Never has been a truer word spoken by an Australian Prime Minister.

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